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What to Do After a Car Accident

The Following steps are the short list of what is recommended to be done when dealing with a car accident:

  • Stop - if you are involved in an accident you should immediately stop and assess the situation and whether anyone has been injured. in case of any injury or emergency you should immediately call 911 for assistance.

  • Move your vehicle to the side - once you assess the situation you should move your vehicle to safer location near the scene of the accident.

  • Exchange information - exchange both contact (name, phone, address, and license plate numbers) and insurance information with other driver(s) even if you are not at fault.

  • Take photos - Take photos of all vehicles including your own vehicle. You should take pictures of all the vehicle property damages, the license plates and any pictures of the scene of the accident that would confirm the location of the car accident.

  • Get a Police Report - if you or other individuals contacted the Police you should make sure you get the contact information and the report number that is assigned to your incident as the report may help your case later.

  • what not to do - You should not make any social media post regarding your accident at anytime from the time accident occur and until the time your case is settled. Also you should not make any statement at the time of the accident to other individuals such as apologizing for the incident or if you think you are at fault. Remember any information can be admitted later against you when parties are negotiating for liability.

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